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What matters most are People!

Neuroscience for Business
Brain-Friendly Leadership


Turn Your Mindset Upside Down

When it comes to planned corporate change processes, the failure rate is significantly higher than 50%. More often than not, the problem is not WHAT was planned, but rather, HOW the changes were implemented. The announcement of an impending change will trigger different emotions, thoughts, and reactions in different individuals. Resistance and negative attitude can arise when the process does not take human - or brain-friendly - factors into consideration. These factors have an enormous influence on motivation and performance. A negative mindset is like a roadblock to the change process, requiring an increased investment of capital and resources - which, in turn, leads to a decrease in the efficiency and overall performance of the enterprise.

Sound like something you'd prefer to avoid? Then turn your mindset upside-down!



I'm Pinar Kayi.

It would be my pleasure to accompany you on your change journey

Imagine that you’re standing in a pitch-black room and can’t find the light switch. You stumble around, feel about, lose time, maybe even fall down. If you knew where the light switch was, however, you could quickly bring light to the darkness.


My light switch is neuroscience .


My job is to show you how to find the switch. If you know how your brain works, you can shine a spotlight on your own potential and that of the people around you. This “brain-friendly” approach to change management is our mission which we pursue with our Neuro Program.


My goal is to show you how you can develop an appreciative, committed, high-performance mindset .

Let’s take this journey together!


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

(Henry Ford)


Join Us in the World of

Neuroscience and Mindsets

We will provide you with support throughout the entire planning and implementation phase of your optimization and change processes. This includes shining a light, through the prism of neuroscientific principles of change and brain-friendly leadership, on components that will be affected by the change, including people, cultures, processes, and organizations.

 Managers and employees alike will become sensitized to the effect that change has on the psyche. They will develop empathy in dealing with emotions, in motivating others on an on-going basis, and in introducing change in a brain-friendly manner.

All of this leads to the development of a positive, constructive mindset.



Insights on how you can successfully design change processes with neuroscientific knowledge.

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Team Collaboration
Take your team with you in trusting relationships and constructive cooperation.



Develop your authentic
and powerful

leadership style.

New Mindset, new Results

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