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Brain-friendly Leadership

Neuro Program

Making Change



Support Throughout Your Organizational and Personal Change Processes


“Understanding how your brain functions allows you to consciously influence your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.”


InfoTalks: Shaping Your Mindset

We Think – Our Brain Decides

Are you familiar with the fable of the hare and the hedgehog? Even if you are absolutely convinced that all of your decisions are based on rational and foresighted thinking – your subconscious has already set the course for your decisions ahead of time. It is always a step ahead of your consciousness.


Because of the subjective nature of our brains, it is impossible for us to make objective decisions. The brain’s task is to guide our future behavior based on our past experiences.


Change Directions


Were you aware that the workings of the human brain are, for the most part, unconscious? In our lectures, we will show you, on the basis of neuroscientific findings, just how your brain works – and how you can better access it. You will learn that though your subconscious is very powerful, it's not a one-way street.

Find out how this knowledge can lead you to profound personal and professional growth.


Experience first-hand how all of this works during practical exercises conducted at your work site. You can choose exactly which topics will be presented – we’re happy to tailor these to your specific needs.


Training Session: Neuroscience-Guided Change

Lead Your Brain Where You’d Like it to Go


As you learn about the latest developments in neuroscience and apply this knowledge in practical exercises, you will gain important new insights. Understanding how your brain actually functions will allow you to consciously influence your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.


This knowledge will not only help you to better understand yourself, it will also help you to gain a deeper grasp on how to interact with your team members and within your work environment.


Even during training, we want you to see how efficient this method is, so our training sessions always include practical exercises during which we give you the opportunity to apply the theoretical portion of the instruction.

The objective of our training sessions is to strengthen your skills in areas such as the following:


  • Increased motivation

  • Constructive and trust-based communication and collaboration

  • Ability to cope with stress and handle emotions

  • Accelerated response and decision-making timeframes

  • Creation of a culture of

  • Increased self-efficacy and assumption of responsibility

  • Increased empathy

  • Reduction of costs generated by inefficient processes


If there are topics of particular relevance to your organization, we can, upon agreement, take a more focused approach to individual topics or supplement them with additional topics you feel should be included.


Leadership Development:
Self-Management and Strong Leadership Skills


Make a Date with the Face in the Mirror


What is it that makes that person you encounter every morning tick?

By reflecting on just what it is that truly motivates you, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you approach different situations. This insight will contribute greatly to your own personal growth and change process.


  • In a positive, respectful environment, you’ll work to improve your skills in the areas that are important to you.


  • You’ll develop your own authentic, powerful leadership style, facilitating empathic, trusting relationships that enable you to effectively develop your own potential as well as that of your team members.


  • By developing leadership skills firmly based on integrity and deep understanding, you will set an example and a standard for those with whom you work.


“When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills.”
(Chinese proverb)

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