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Transformation / Wandel

"The only thing that is constant is change."


Every Journey Begins with the First Step


I motivate others

to step outside their comfort zones, discover their hidden potential, and continue their growth. I want to help managers to develop a better understanding of their employees and to experience first-hand how they can harness each employee’s potential to create a healthy, high-performance organization.


Yes, this may be a bit uncomfortable …

but, when you consider that failed change processes are not any more uncomfortable than those that actually succeed, it seems wiser to pursue a more successful strategy! Change is always a learning process, requiring us to grow and develop. As we undertake this journey, I’ll be right there to support you with my enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge!


Organizational Development with

Pinar Kayi

In my work as a trainer and business coach, my clients can count on me to


  • challenge and motivate

  • support and encourage

  • reveal new options and perspectives

  • support organizations and individuals in unfolding their potential


Let’s get started.

One step at a time…


Where People and Processes Meet


Change happens – whether we want it to or not

I want it. I value change as a challenging companion in every phase of life. The biggest changes bring with them the utmost challenges, providing us with the greatest potential for growth and development.


Before I chose to become self-employed, I worked for more than ten years leading and supporting change processes in companies of all sizes, from large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises. Working both in Germany and abroad, I was able to experience a wide variety of different cultures, hierarchical structures, and leadership styles.


Change – the Key to Reducing Costs and Increasing Revenue

During my career, I have held a number of different positions in which I was responsible for leading international teams in lean management and strategic sourcing. I have also headed up optimization projects aimed at strategic organizational realignment and have designed standardized processes for increasing productivity and efficiency within an enterprise.

What Matters Most Are People!

Even the most detailed preparations for process design and implementation will not lead to success if the process has not taken into consideration the most critical aspect:

the humans factor. If, from the very beginning, employees are not included in the process in a way that motivates them, this creates an environment conducive to fearfulness, defensiveness, and resistance. If, however, change – and the inherent ongoing growth and development – become a natural part of the organizational culture, profound transformation can be achieved within an organization. After all, it is the mindsets of the employees, their flexibility and willingness to quickly adapt – especially in crisis situations – that will ultimately determine success or failure. 


Having successfully led and supported a number of companies as they have undergone this type of change process, it would be my pleasure to accompany you on your journey. I know very well that this path is not an easy one, but it is a choice that is decisive for the ongoing growth and success of your company.


“A crisis is a productive state. You simply have to get rid of its aftertaste of catastrophe.”

(Max Frisch)

Speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward!

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My Background in a Nutshell

  • Master’s degree in Economics (Diploma), with a focus on "International Management," including a
    study-abroad program in Australia (Strategic Management)


  • 12 years of experience in Change Management and Strategic Sourcing in Germany and abroad, in a number of different positions, including Category Manager, Project Manager and, most recently, department head in a Fortune 500 company

  • Leadership in international projects (USA / Latin America / Europe / Asia)

  • 7 years of coaching and consulting experience (disciplinary & project related) with international teams

  • Strategic consulting of the management & leadership team in topics of organizational change

  • Train-the-Trainer - Summer Academy of ISH Bochum

  • Coach (DGfC) - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Coaching e.V.


  • Working languages: German (native speaker) and English (business fluent)


Brain-Friendly Leadership:
Where Science and People Meet

Our Brains – the Switchboard

So, just how do you go about getting employees involved? At first, I used a psychological approach, later incorporating neuroscientific methods. This enabled me to significantly increase both the speed of implementation and the willingness of the employees to work together constructively and in a spirit of trust.


Neuroscience is more than just “listening” or “empathy.” It is the switchboard that removes obstacles and blockages, and, by eliminating diversions, introduces appropriate, individualized measures. This leads naturally to improved motivation, and with every goal that is achieved, self-efficacy and creativity grow stronger. This leads to a greater sense of overall satisfaction and, in turn, to improved employee health.


Using Neuroscience to Remove the Fear of Change

Change processes are now the norm, rather than the exception. However, a team with a strong mindset can confidently think outside the box and together, you can shape a strong corporate culture. This will be your stable, reliable foundation.


Let me show you how to turn on the switch.


Every day, a little more improvement, moving one step closer to meeting your corporate goals.

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