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Neuro Newsletter

Use neuroscientific findings

for your business

in the fields of


Change & Leadership

Updates on Neuroscience & Business


In the Neuro Newsletter you will find impulses, news and practical examples for the application of neuroscientific knowledge in your organization.


In particular, you can expect the following:


  • Knowledge of how the brain works to better understand yourself and your team members

  • Suggestions for sustainable motivation, satisfaction and health in the workplace

  • Practice-oriented examples for the use of brain-friendly leadership in your organization

  • Information about webinars and other upcoming events


Subscribe to your Neuro newsletter here


You can order the Neuro newsletter here. You will first receive a welcome email containing general information on who we are and how we work together with our clients. Afterwards you will receive updates and news on a monthly basis or if there is something new to report. I will only use your e-mail address for sending this newsletter. You can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email.


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